Consumer Product Brands: It’s Time to Take Control of Your Retail Media Destiny (US)

A commissioned study conducted by 


Is retail media a silver bullet for brands? For those seeking measurable performance, access to first-party data, and a way to reach shoppers at the digital point of sale, it just may be.

According to a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Criteo, 76% of brands say their growth depends on retail media advertising, but they face some challenges in fully realizing its potential. What’s holding them back? And how can they take control of their retail media future?

Watch our on-demand webinar, Consumer Products Brands: It’s Time to Take Control of Your Retail Media Destiny, featuring Collin Colburn of Forrester Research. With Michael Greene, Global Product Solutions Director at Criteo, they review the study findings and answer questions from Criteo Senior Product Manager, Loretta Jordan. 

You’ll learn this and more:

  • The top 5 reasons brands want to invest in retail media
  • What’s stopping them from allocating more to it
  • 3 opportunities that will increase adoption


Collin Colburn

Senior Analyst

Forrester Research

Michael Greene

Head of Strategy, Retail Media


Loretta Jordan

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Retail Media


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