The Ultimate Guide to App Retention

You lose almost half your app users after just 1 day.1 

This year, Asia Pacific will account for 50% of global app installs, 3x more than any other region in the world2. Quickly growing markets like China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries are driving this app boom.

But if half of all those new installs barely ever use your app, that can hurt your app store rankings. And with apps becoming a larger part of overall sales, losing that many users could also mean a big loss in potential revenue.

How do you solve the app abandonment problem?

The Ultimate Guide to App Retention can help. Find out how to keep your app users coming back and build the ideal app user retention strategy in our quick and easy guide.

You’ll learn:

  • What retention rates look like around the world
  • Whether mobile users prefer email, push notifications, or ads
  • 3 app retention strategies for more engagement and conversions


1 Criteo data of 15 highly active countries from December 5, 2019-January 8, 2020, n=1,091