Retail Disruption & Opportunity:

The Toys “R” Us
Shopper Survey.

If there’s one thing that retailers can agree on, it’s that the retail landscape is wildly changing. This disruption is resonating across physical stores especially.

With the closure of Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us, Criteo wanted to investigate how shoppers adapt to a sudden gap in the market. So we surveyed 1,000+ Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us shoppers to find out exactly where – and how – they’re buying now.

We found was that, as retailers experience disruption, there are ways to build new opportunities, too.  Here are three key findings: 

  • Brick-and-Mortar is Not Dead: Fifty-nine percent of Toys “R” Us & Babies “R” Us shoppers confirmed they made purchases within physical stores and indicated the importance of a positive in-store experience.
  • Convenience is Key: Two out of three Toys “R” Us & Babies “R” Us shoppers used to have a store within 20 minutes from their home. For convenience-oriented shoppers, Walmart and Target were chosen by a whopping 78% of respondents as their preferred replacement retailer. Conversely, for the 55 percent of respondents who don’t care about location, Amazon is the winning choice.
  • Consumers Expect a Broad Product Selection: Retailers in line to capture Toys “R” Us market share need to focus on inventory. A majority of respondents confirmed that at least 60 percent of their shopping needs for toys and baby products were met at Toys “R” Us & Babies “R” Us—reducing the friction of having to visit multiple stores or websites.

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