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The Silver Quarter 2020:

Preparing for a Socially Distant Summer

Ask any retail business about the best quarter of the year and you’ll probably get the same answer – the fourth quarter. The holiday season includes key shopping dates around the world, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Singles Day, and more. Many marketers call October through December “the Golden Quarter.” 

But another great advertising opportunity comes just a few months earlier. Each summer, Americans spend $6.7B on 4th of July picnic provisions alone. $88.5B is spent on Back to School supplies. That being said, most would agree that Summer 2020 is going to look unlike one we’ve ever seen before. According to a recent study done by Reuters & Ipsos:

  • 45% of Americans said they would avoid shopping centers even after non-essential businesses are re-opened
  • 80% of Americans aren’t planning to make travel plans until 2021, and
  • 83% of Americans wouldn’t attend a pro sporting event, even if they were open to the public

In this age of social distancing, what will summer spending look like? And, how should you prepare for these new spending trends with your advertising? We will unpack all of this in our newest report.