Smart Spending 2020

Build a Digital Marketing Plan with Any Budget

Criteo is partnering with PrestaShop to help small businesses impacted by the coronavirus outbreak to #RestartFromHome.

Government regulations to prevent the spread of the virus have forced businesses to close their stores. Now small business are selling entirely online—many for the first time.

At Criteo, we’re here to help small businesses through these uncertain times. We want to give you tools to launch your first digital marketing campaign and make your online business a success.

Download our Smart Spending 2020 package today to learn how to build a digital marketing plan, spend your budget wisely, and measure your campaigns.

Your package includes:

Digital Marketing Planning Guide 2020

When we sat down to create our 2020 marketing guide for small businesses, we realized that the primary channels most marketers use haven’t changed—they’re just approaching them in a new way. Our Digital Marketing Planning Guide is your complete resource for every major marketing channel and includes the latest trends and campaign examples.

We built our guide based on insights from 900 marketers around the world and how they spend their marketing budgets—so you can find your perfect marketing mix and grow your business.


Criteo's Digital Marketing Calculator

Use our calculator to apply everything you learned in our Digital Marketing Planning Guide. It can be customized for every business and every budget.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your starting budget and instantly get recommended budgets for every marketing channel.
  2. Personalize your channel budgets. Adjust your allocations as needed based on our expert recommendations.
  3. Start spending! See your final budget for every channel.


Your Marketing Metrics Cheat Sheet

Do you know your CPM, CPC, CPS, or CPA? What's the difference? No matter how big or small your budget is, it’s important to measure every marketing campaign. That’s how you know what channels helped you meet your business goals and where you should invest more of your budget.

Our Marketing Metrics Cheat Sheet explains how to calculate the most popular metrics marketers use for their digital ad campaigns.


About Criteo: The Criteo Product Ads Module for PrestaShop helps merchants increase traffic and sales with personalized display ads. We make it easy to drive shoppers to your site and turn visitors into new customers.