One Retargeter vs. Two Guide

Whether you’re in the market for retargeting technology or you’ve been running ads for years, a lot of ad performance has to do with testing. Part of that testing often means thinking about whether you should add another retargeter to your existing marketing mix. 

There are many reasons that marketers choose to stick to one solution or start using additional retargeting partners. At Criteo, we wanted to compare the performance of one retargeter to multiple retargeters when they were used by the same company.

So, we did the research and we conducted a rigorous test of the performance for each scenario. After that, we found the definitive answer to whether you should use one retargeter or expand to two or more.

Download Criteo’s quick guide, “One vs. Two Retargeters”, to understand:

  • The landscape of RTB exchanges today
  • How bid collision and frequency blindness work
  • The hard data on retargeter usage