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Criteo Report: App Commerce Goes Big in Asia Pacific

Move over mobile sites. In APAC, shoppers prefer to buy via apps.

If you do business in Asia Pacific, this report is a must-read. The findings show an enormous app commerce opportunity in the region, and also uncovers important elements that shoppers are looking for from their app experience. Whether you already have an app or are considering creating one, this report can help you win at app commerce in APAC. 

Inside, you’ll find compelling statistics and actionable insights, including information about:

  • Who is using retail apps, and how often?
  • What products are most frequently bought via apps?
  • How much are shoppers willing to spend when buying via an app?
  • How do shoppers feel about in-app advertising?
  • What are the most common reasons that apps get deleted?
  • What are the keys to developing a successful app?
  • And much more…

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