Jockey Increases Return on Ad Spend with Bluecore and Criteo

“Working with Bluecore and Criteo has improved pretty much every aspect of our advertising campaigns. I was surprised how quickly our performance turned around once we started working with them. We started seeing improvements in a matter of weeks, not the months I had expected.” - Mark Mraz, Director of PPC and Marketplaces at Jockey

Discover how Bluecore and Criteo helped Jockey increase ROAS 37% YoY and increase revenue 30% YoY:

  • Improve intelligence to get shoppers confidently buying time and again: Tap into pre-built predictive models based on retail-specific AI to get highly personalized in targeting customers on paid media channels, resulting in contextually relevant and timely experiences that keep shoppers engaging time and again.
  • Increase return on ad spend (RoAS) 37% to increase efficiency of marketing spend: Allocate spend to paid media campaigns based on predicted customer lifetime value and likelihood to buy to grow sales revenue while simultaneously lowering spend per campaign to help Jockey’s marketing dollars go further.
  • Introduce the ability to easily test-and-learn to better move at the speed of the consumer: Help the team easily test new strategies by enabling them to build predictive audiences in Bluecore and push those audiences to run in campaigns through Criteo - all in a matter of minutes.

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