COVID-19 Impact on Marketing Survey Report - India: Top Digital Marketing KPIs

We surveyed 105 senior marketing executives in India to learn about their advertising plans and key challenges in the year ahead. 

The #1 metric influencing marketing plans in 2021 is online sales. 

Across industries, digital marketing budgets have largely increased, but poor targeting, brand safety, and high dependency on walled gardens are chief concerns in a COVID reality. 


Our new report has the latest marketer research, including charts with breakdowns of: 

  • Projected advertising spend changes across channels including web, app, display, retail media, omnichannel, paid video, and more  
  • Core objectives marketers are focusing on in 2021 from customer acquisition and retention, to exploring new product offerings 
  • Top priorities for digital ad campaigns, including relevancy and not showing next to hateful or fake content 
  • And more! 

*Criteo COVID-19 Impact on Marketing Survey, India, October 2020, n=105. 

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