The Future of Ecommerce 

The effects on SMBs 2019

This upcoming year continues to bring many changes for companies in the way they reach and convert customers. With more than 3.5 billion people regularly using the Internet today and 4.66 billion predicted by 2022, companies are more aware than ever of the power of digital marketing. 

Now, learning to harness that power is where it gets complicated. With so many solutions, tools, platforms, apps, networks and technologies how can we know for certain we are making the best decisions to grow our business? 

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To help your business navigate through digital marketing in the new year Criteo, Privy, Branch, and Adjust have prepared tips for the top 2019 key trends including:

  • Targeted Acquisition Campaigns 
  • Use Customer Data for their Benefit 
  • Marketing Goes Beyond Sales 
  • Programmatic, AI and the Future of Marketing 

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