Connecting shoppers to the things they need and love at every stage of their shopper journey is the name of the retail game. To do this well, you need data. But walled gardens and data silos have made collecting enough actionable data a challenge. That’s why, according to a joint study conducted by Forbes and Criteo, 72% of brands and retailers see collaboration as a way to increase sales.

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By working together, everyone wins.

The world’s largest pool of shopper data is waiting for you.

We’ve built a powerful and open Commerce Marketing Ecosystem where retailers, brands, and publishers can thrive. As a participant, you have access to the assets you need to generate higher sales and profits. A huge collective of pooled shopping data, 2x larger than Amazon. Intelligent technology. Dynamic products and thousands of premium publishers. By bringing these advantages together in one fair and open place, you can deliver highly intelligent marketing directly to your shoppers. No walls. No more monopoly. Just a highly collaborative environment where we power each other’s success.

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