Get the most out of the Festive Season in EMEA

The power of the festive season for retailers is undeniable. Dubbed the ‘golden quarter’ for retailers, it’s the period between October and the end of December where the consumer festive calendar is at its peak. Throughout this special time there are plenty of historic shopping moments, such as Halloween and Christmas, that have traditionally focused on the in-store shopping experience, to the more recent ecommerce opportunities of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles Day.

With millions in sales at stake during this period for retailers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), knowing which points in the festive calendar to focus on will depend on four key themes:

  • Festive occasions
  • Strategic importance
  • Market diversity
  • Consumer personas

Discover the shopping habits of our 8 EMEA personas and leverage our tips and tricks to get closer to them and to increase their loyalty. 

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