The Data Centric Revolution.

Three-part Webinar Series

Marketers know that data is crucial to their businesses, but is your team able to create a strategy and a culture that starts with data from the ground-up?In Criteo’s webinar series, “The Data Centric Revolution”, we’ll tackle all the ways that the data landscape is changing and how retailers and brands can adapt. 

Part Three: Surviving a Post-GDPR World

On May 25, the world changed.

Or, at least, data governance did.

With the passage of General Data Protection Regulation legislation on May 25, companies need to have new kinds of safeguards for consumer data – and rethink how old data has been processed. 

By defining data collection through six different forms of consent, GDPR has created a framework for privacy and trust between companies and shoppers. And now it’s time for businesses around the world to adapt. 

In “Surviving a Post-GDPR World”, the third webinar in our series, “The Data Centric Revolution,” Criteo’s Amanda Green, marketing database & GDPR implementation specialist, and mParticle’s Will Rogers, Chief Information Security Officer, will take attendees through the gritty details of how you can make sure your data complies with the new laws – and how to get started.

Join “Surviving a Post-GDPR World” on Wednesday, June 20 @ 11 EST to learn:

  • What you need to know about GDPR
  • Your GDPR Checklist
  • How to ensure your data is secure & governed

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