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Social Distancing 2.0

How to Build the Right Audience for a New Normal

Watch part three of our 2020 Customer Journey webinar series and learn how to reach the audiences shopping for your products and services from home.

Did you know online sales of electronics and sporting goods are up around the world?

In April, webcam sales increased 329% in the US. In Brazil, sales of yoga and Pilates items rose 365%. Across Latin America, laptop sales were up 428%.

In the UK, exercise band sales were up 339%. Weightlifting sales rose 295% in the Netherlands. Laptop sales increased 58% across the Nordics and Baltics.

In our stay-at-home world, everything is virtual: work, education, fitness, socializing, and shopping.

Many of the products and services your customers need for their new way of life are dramatically different than they were before the pandemic. There are also new customers in the market for what you sell.

How do you reach the people who are most likely to buy from you right now?

You need campaign audiences built from real browsing and purchasing data—not searches and likes. Watch our webinar on demand to learn how to build your audience and find your future customers using Criteo’s real-time shopping intent data.

We’ll give you:

  • Six sample audiences based on today’s top product categories
  • A demo of how to build your audience in the Criteo platform
  • Tips for picking creative with the right message and tone



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