The 2020 Customer Journey

Take a guided tour of the new customer journey. In our three-part webinar series, learn how to influence consumers as they consider whether or not to buy from you.

Part 2: App Marketing Master Class 2020

In 2020, it’s not just about the install anymore.

Marketers want long-term value from their app. But the strategies to make that happen are different depending on your goals.

Watch our App Marketing Master Class 2020 webinar on demand to learn:

  • Commerce vs. loyalty apps: inside the customer journey
  • Trends for shopping, gaming, fitness, and more app verticals
  • Strategies to drive sales and build loyalty


Lucy Rogers
Senior Director of Global Partnerships
  Eduardo Ronquillo Jr.
Technical Senior Account Manager


Part 3: Social Distancing 2.0: How to Build the Right Audience for a New Normal

In a world affected by the coronavirus outbreak, everything is virtual: work, education, fitness, socializing, and shopping. Many of the products and services your customers need for their new way of life are dramatically different than they were before the pandemic. Learn how to reach the audiences shopping for your products and services from home.


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