Holiday Summit 2021: Future Traditions

Criteo’s Holiday Summit 2021 'Future Traditions' is a global virtual event that took place on September 16. We discussed the future of digital advertising and provided unmatched insights on how to prepare for the holiday season and beyond.

Watch our three insightful sessions with invited industry thought leaders and Criteo’s product and data experts. These sessions will offer you an overview of the future of digital advertising, actionable marketing strategies for the holiday season, and market-specific data and trends to help you make the most of your holiday season campaigns.

On-Demand Sessions:

  • The Future of Advertising in a Cookie-Free Landscape.
    Criteo’s Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Development Officer, David Fox, lead a panel discussion with our invited speakers: Nathalie Nahai, Consumer Behaviour & Persuasive Tech Expert, and Ken Segall, Steve Jobs’ Creative Director at Apple
  • Leveraging the Peak Shopping Season to Kickstart Your 2022 Marketing Strategy
    Speaker: Nola Solomon, Senior Vice-President of Go-To-Market
  • Holiday Marketing 2021: How to Approach the New Seasonal Shopper
    Speaker: Michelle Pruett, Content Director

Featured Speakers

Ken Segall

Steve Jobs’ Creative Director at Apple

Nathalie Nahai

Consumer Behaviour & Persuasive Tech Expert

Nola Solomon

SVP, Go-To-Market


Michelle Pruett

Content Director


David Fox

Chief Commercial Officer

and Chief Development Officer


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