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The New World of Commerce Marketing.

Q1 Webinar Series


In this three-part webinar series, Criteo will establish why it’s time to drop the ‘e’ in ‘ecommerce’ in 2018, and explain how you can adapt to the new world of commerce marketing. Get access to the latest research and trends on shopping habits and cross-device usage, and learn how to build an effective commerce marketing strategy. Sign up for "The New World of Commerce Marketing" webinar series to view a new webinar each month, or sign up for one at a time:

March: How to Launch a Commerce Marketing Strategy
Date: Wednesday, March 21st
Time: 11:00 EST

Whether a shopper is in a store or on a website, a commerce marketing strategy can help re-engage potential customers and acquire new ones. And that means offering dynamic content that’s personalized at scale on any medium and any channel.

But how can you build a commerce marketing strategy from the ground-up? It starts by connecting your offline and online customers. Then, you need to find the right data, a way to activate it, and a way to customize each shopper journey. 

In our webinar, “How to Launch a Commerce Marketing Strategy”, we’ll cover how to lay the groundwork for commerce campaigns, including:

  • The baseline tools and tactics for effective commerce marketing
  • How to build your commerce marketing roadmap
  • Examples of commerce marketing done right  

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