APAC Powerful Strategies for Smarter Audience Targeting and Engagement Webinar

According to our consumer behavior survey, half of the world’s consumers say they are shopping online more in the last few months and intend to continue doing so. This presents a golden opportunity to bring more new customers than ever to your website. 

Finding the right people at the right time with the right message is the challenge. But audience targeting based on demographics isn’t an effective solution. Just because I fit the profile and show an interest in yoga, doesn’t mean I’m actively looking for yoga mats—which is why I will ignore your yoga mat ads, or worse, find them annoying. 

What’s the secret to creating a better experience and driving more high-quality traffic? Intent data. But not all intent data is created equally.

Watch our on demand webinar - APAC Powerful Strategies for Smarter Audience Targeting and Engagement to learn what high-quality intent data looks like and how to use it to find your ideal customers, deliver a great experience, and bring them to your website.

You'll learn

  • The state of audience targeting today
  • How to build better audiences with intent data
  • How to get clicks with DCO-driven personalization

Featured Speakers

Ania Zahi

Regional Product Specialist, Web Awareness & Consideration South APAC


Damian Hann

Product Sales Specialist, Web Awareness & Consideration APAC