Transforming Your 2021 Marketing with CTV

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, including companies and brands across all industries. While consumers haven’t stopped making purchases, the things they buy and how they buy them have changed dramatically. In order to stay ahead, it is essential for advertisers to pivot their strategies to reach consumers in the channels that they are engaging with the most — and this notably now includes connected TV (CTV).

According to Nielsen, in-streaming consumption across all video options has increased 74% amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As Marketers prepare for 2021, CTV will become a more important piece of their strategy than ever before.

Learn from Beachfront and Criteo as they discuss:

  • The influence CTV and TV have had throughout the pandemic
  • The trends and strategies that will shape 2021 
  • How advertisers can optimize and drive KPIs across all screens

Featured Speakers

Daniel Church

Director of Programmatic


Kate Lyon

Head of Partnerships, Supply


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