Quick Guide: How to Build a Better Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

There have never been more ways for your customers to shop—desktop, mobile web, apps, in the store, even via voice assistants. How can you meet them at every touchpoint and deliver a consistent experience? You need an omnichannel strategy.

When you invest in omnichannel, it pays off. Research shows that customers who use more than one channel have a higher lifetime value than those that use just one channel. Another study found that soon, shopper experience will be more important than price and product quality when consumers are choosing a brand.

    But omnichannel marketing is easier said than done.

    “Omnichannel Unpacked: Your Quick Guide to Getting Results in a Connected World” keeps it simple and explains how to start building your omnichannel strategy. You’ll learn:

    • Why omnichannel is in and multichannel is out
    • The big challenges and how to solve them
    • What omnichannel looks like in the real world
    • How to put omnichannel to work for you

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