How Advertisers Drive Results with Criteo Video Solutions

Criteo's CTV, OTT, and Online Video solutions help marketers interactively drive consumers from viewing your ads to buying your products.

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Why advertisers love Criteo Video Solutons

Unique Audiences & Targeting

Find customers likely to buy from you using Criteo Audiences & exhaustive first and third-party targeting capabilities.

Robust Access & Scale

Reach customers regardless of their viewing habits with access to leading publishers across all devices, channels, and relevant ad formats.

Full-Funnel Management

Move customers from exposure to point-of-sale and track ROI across the entire purchase funnel as you execute both video and display campaigns simultaneously.

Full-Service Support

Make an immediate impact on your business with experts support to quickly activate campaigns and optimize for the best performance.


Return on ad spend (ROAS)


Video completion rate (VCR)


Click-through rate (CTR)

Success Story

Lamps Plus surpassed industry benchmarks and achieved 6.39 ROAS by partnering with Criteo to run video advertising

Lamps Plus ran an engaging OTT and CTV Criteo campaign that helped them raise brand and product awareness, increase sales and capture a complete view into their customer's user journey, from view to purchase.

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