These surprising facts will change how you look at retargeting

Even for experienced marketers, retargeting and how it applies across digital marketing strategy isn’t always clear. As the underlying technology evolves and adapts to different use cases and formats, marketers can get more results from “those ads that follow you around” than ever before–if they know where to look.

The “7 Biggest Myths & Misconceptions About Retargeting" is a “cheat sheet” with the answers to some of the most persistent questions about this powerful marketing tool.

Inside, you’ll get the truth about:

  • How ad-retargeting can be used to reach new audiences, not just those who’ve visited your site
  • The formats and media, beyond display ads, retargeting can enhance
  • A proven approach to retargeting attribution so you can accurately measure ad effectiveness

Get the facts on retargeting and drive better results for your business today.


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