How Location Data Can Help Marketers Optimize for an Exceptional Holiday Season

Retail traffic and sales have been severely impacted with the onset of Covid-19 this year. But as we settle into a new normal, and enter into a new stage of reemergence, retail marketers need to rely on data to build omnichannel marketing strategies that provide reliability and stability during a potentially volatile holiday 2020 season.  

With an understanding of both online and real-world shopping habits, Criteo and PlaceIQ can help marketers create a consistent strategy set up to meet your KPIs, adjust to near term changes, focus your messaging, and effectively allocate spend and limit waste during your busiest season.  


In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Ways consumer shopping has changed during the pandemic, and what they’re looking for from brands
  • How marketers can monitor consumer activity online and in-store around the holidays and adjust to meet those changing needs
  • Solutions for segmenting audiences and focusing messaging based specifically on activity and purchases
  • What brands should be measuring and optimizing against to limit waste and drive purchases


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Drew Breunig

Executive Vice President, Strategy


Tim Rogers

SVP of Global Strategic Initiatives


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