12/12 in Indonesia 2020 Guide: What Marketers need to know

Accelerate your digital marketing strategy at Indonesia's hottest shopping event

12/12 – also known as Harbolnas or National Online Shopping Day, landed in Indonesia on 12 December 2012 and has since skyrocketed to become the nation’s biggest annual ecommerce shopping event.

In a country whose love for online shopping started before the pandemic, the rising popularity of 'Double Day' ecommerce events like the upcoming 12/12 mega sale could not have come at a better time for retailers and brands looking to boost sales, consumer engagement and loyalty.

Criteo data shows that Indonesian shoppers start seeking out 12/12 deals early, so retailers and brands best be prepared to launch with the right strategy and campaigns well ahead of time. Using our consumer surveys, seasonal sales dashboard and external sources, we’ve put together 12/12's specific online data and insights to help you make the most of this peak sales day.


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  • The top 5 predictions for 12/12
  • Which product categories will be the hottest?
  • How apps can boost sales