The 2019 Criteo Holiday Marketing Report

Why Experience Matters More than Ever

In the world of retail, the holidays can make or break your success. But when shoppers can find Black Friday deals and seasonal promotions wherever they look, how can you stand out and earn their loyalty?

This report answers that key question with insights from thousands of consumers and Criteo’s data on 75% of the world’s online shoppers. The big story? There’s something even more important than a good deal: customer experience.

Download The 2019 Criteo Holiday Marketing Report to learn:

  • What to expect during key shopping times this holiday season
  • How to create magical experiences at every step of the customer journey
  • Why relevance is so important for driving sales online, in-app, or in-store
  • And much more!

The 2019 holiday season will be bigger than ever, and this report will help you make the most of it—for your customers and your bottom line.